I’m Ariel, a writer and multimedia reporter driven by a passion for storytelling.

My writing covers a range of styles and subjects—from features to first-person essays, protests to restaurant openings—but a few common threads run through the majority of my work: compelling characters and pressing causes.

While my career as a wordsmith has been a winding journey, cause-driven writing is my constant. 

* * *

So what’s the Ariel View?

The Ariel View was the name of my first column, a space I carved out in a college newspaper to speak my mind and learn my voice. I was just 17, an early high school graduate, and quickly fell in love with writing for print while uncovering the power of investigative journalism. After graduating from Emerson College with a multimedia journalism degree, I cut my chops at the Boston Phoenix, a beloved alternative weekly newspaper where I worked until its shuttering in 2013.

I’ve been moving around ever since, freelancing for various publications while working full-time writing jobs for a range of industries, organizations, and individuals. I travel as often as possible, and love finding new ways to use the written word for powerful and positive change.

This website is a home for my voice in all forms, a portfolio and scrapbook showcasing my journey as a writer in a shifting media landscape.

Visit my publications pages for a taste of my work, check out my blog for casual stories about food and travel, and explore my photography page for a taste of my visual perspective.

Thanks for stopping by!